About Platinum 5 Studios!
One of Platinum 5 Studios’s core competencies is running tournaments; we specialize is running Halo tournaments, offering top notch, high quality production values. Enjoy the excitement of LAN events and producing great content for viewers? We do too!

In 2016, Platinum 5 Studios production team decided to invest more time and funds into being able to feature something that can only be done by two other major companies such as MLG & ESL and that is “Individual Player Cameras” in High Quality Value.

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What Sets Us Apart From The Rest Platinum 5 Studios, strives to be the very best in everything we do, we provide top quality production and customer service to all our clients.

Why You Should Choose Our Company

  • We strive to have the best customer support and customer satisfaction.
  • Our no worries price assures you that are you getting the best price.
  • Choose from the widest variety of services and options.
P5 is the premier Esports production platform that delivers engaging digital content, tournaments, broadcasts and exciting interactive experiences directly to fans at home around the globe year round with unbeatable services and pricing. Let us make your event awesome at a lower price than any other company in the industry at the same quality as the best.
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Austen Roberts Co-Founder & CEO
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Twitter: @MrAustenRoberts
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Dylen Roberts Co-Founder & COO
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Twitter: @P5Proverb
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Cliff Edwards Director of Operations
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Twitter: @p5stormentor
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Find Frequently Asked Questions Here Find out everything you need to know about p5, don't see you're answer? Feel free to email us here.

Yes, Our main objective for companies is to be able to rely on Platinum 5 for their upcoming event, we strive to be the best and we want you to be able to not have to stress about equipment or making the show look good for viewers at home. With partnerships on both ends of the world; Twitch & Hitbox.

Platinum 5 is able to offer affordable and reasonable prices, bringing the same operational and production quality companies with millions of dollars can do, with a smaller budget. We strive to be the best but affordable.

What dont we do? P5 specializes in HD high quality production, esports operations, event planning and organizing, graphic design both still and motion. We offer marketing consulting for your business, website design & development, and much more...

Platinum 5 currently does not have set pricing, we do however have the strict policy that we will beat anyone's price and offer the same quality, if we're unable to match the quality p5 will be transparent and recommend you to somebody who can.

Our base of operations is in Chattanooga, TN we have a storage facility in Clarksville, TN and our Broadcast studio is also based in Chattanooga, TN.

Yes, we're always looking for up and coming companies that are looking to attach themselves to p5, we offer a number of different items to our partners and we'd love to discuss more opportunities with you!

Our Most Recent Project! We were proud to work with Platinum 5 Studios on our most recent fundraising event, Gamers for Giving. Their crew was incredibly generous and supportive of our efforts, dependable, and the stream looked fantastic. We can't wait to work together again! Zach Wigal, CEO - Gamers Outreach
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Email: Info@platinum5studios.com
We are beyond excited about the journey Platinum 5 is about to start on, I hope some of you will decide to take that journey with us! After all, I believe for a company to succeed in this industry, it must listen to the voice of the community. If you are reading this, you are that voice, lets do something special!